IRC and Cruiser Class Yachting, Motor boating & Social Programme
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This programme is aimed at young adults who are expected to have minimal or no previous on water experience in our geographical area.

Royal Temple Yacht Club aims to provide activities on the water, a social programme and classroom training along with individual mentoring for Academy members. All of the programme activities are targeted at building experience and confidence for members to increase their knowledge and ability on the water.
Young people under the age of 16 are encouraged to join in the on shore programme and will require parental or teaching staff supervision when on the water.

The Academy programme

The academy provides young people with all year round mentoring with classroom training in the winter months and the opportunity to crew on members boats in the summer months. Academy members can expect to become proficient sailors and to gain all round experience in all aspects of boat
handling, cruising, racing and navigation within the first year.
Academy members will have full use of the clubhouse until the age of 26. At the age of 26 academy members automatically become Junior members of the Royal Temple Yacht Club.
Social networking will be encouraged using Twitter and Facebook to promote activities and membership of the Academy.

As an Academy member you will be entitled to use any of the following facilities:

Navigation courses – Day skipper, competent crew and Yacht master including Ocean Yachtmaster.

Snooker room

Full use of the club bar and restaurant

Mentoring programmes

Crewing opportunities

Dedicated social programme


It is expected that Academy members will be able to apply for funding from the Royal Temple Trust Fund in order to attend promote their on water experience and the full conditions of funding will be explained to all Academy members.

Our target for membership is limited to 100 members in 2013 in our second year.
Schools already involved in the Academy include the following:

  • Chatham House and Clarenden Grammar School Federation 
  • Marlowe Academy
  • Dane Court Grammer School
  • St George's C of E Foundation School    


Apply to and ask for an Academy membership pack.

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Message from George Jones.


The first time I entered the yacht club I thought that I would like this to be my office. My first impressions of the club were truly amazing as this is where I want my future to lie. I am extremely lucky that my name was put forward to represent St georges c of e school at the sailing school academy.

as this is normally for students 16 and above. I am looking forward to getting stuck in and looking forward to getting out on the racing yachts.


Thank you for allowing me to follow my dreams George Jones. ST George's C of E school


Message from Charlie Abbott


My first impression of the Royal Temple Yacht Club is that it's beautiful and the bar, snooker table and navigation classroom are just great.

I am excited to experience racing huge sailing yachts and not just small dingy boats like the Pico's, fevers, toppers and lasers I have raced before.


Message from John Forster


My first impression of the club was very good. It is filled with friendly people and good facilities and I think my time at the club will be very enjoyable. I am looking forward to new and memorable experiences



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