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Membership - Options
Guide to becoming a Member of the Royal Temple Yacht Club
Thank you for your interest in Membership of the Royal Temple Yacht Club.
Becoming a Member gives you access to all our facilities both on and off of the water. We believe we can provide something for everyone and our members enjoy some of the best views over the English Channel from our beautiful clubhouse.
We have sailing, cruising and social sections all with their own programmes throughout the year.
The process to become a member traditionally commences when existing Members of the Club propose and second your application.  Each of these Members must have known you personally for at least twelve months, and must have been full Members of the Club for one of more years.  When you submit your application you should ensure your proposer and seconder send their letter of support at the same time addressed to the Honorary Secretary. 
Commonly new prospective members are new to the area and have not had the opportunity to meet any existing Members?  If you are in this situation you may apply for our 'Probationary' Membership category. You will still be required to complete the application form but will not need a proposer or seconder.
Probationary Membership is valid for up to one year.  During this period of Probationary Membership we encourage you to get to know other members who will then support your Full Membership application.
Once you have submitted your applications and, for full Membership, your letters of support have been received, you will be invited in to meet two Flag Officers for an informal meeting.  This meeting allows you to ask questions and for us to ensure that we have informed you of all our facilities.  Following this meeting with the Flag Officers, your application is submitted to our General Committee for approval.

Royal Temple Yacht Club



 FULL   Aged 18+
 JOINT   Both spouses and children below the age of 18
 VETERAN  Existing veteran who qualified prior to 2006
 NEW VETERAN  (2006 Onwards)
 (Age 65 years+ at time of Membership = 80 years)
 JOINT NEW VETERAN  (2006 Onwards)
 One partner to comply
 ASSOCIATE  (residing outside Kent and boat berthed outside of Kent)
 AFFILIATE   under 35
 Academy Applicants
 PROBATIONARY (One year maximum)
 WIDOW (From Joint Membership)
 GOLD BAR DISCOUNT CARD first time credit (each member)
Membership Categories explained:



To be eligible for election as Full Members, candidates shall be over the age of 18.



Two adults in an enduring family relationship, residing at the same address and their children up to 18 years of age will be eligible under this category.


The General Committee may appoint Life Members at their discretion.



A Member whose age is not less than 65 years and can add 15 years continuous Membership of the Club will qualify as a Veteran Member.



To be eligible candidates shall be domiciled outside the County of Kent, and if they are boat owners, the permanent berth of their boat(s) shall be outside the County of Kent.  Associate Members shall not be entitled to vote at Meetings, nor take part in the management of the Club.



This category of Membership is designed for applicants who are not sufficiently well known to members of the Club. Following an introductory interview chaired by an Officer and providing no objections are made applicants may enjoy the facilities of the club while they establish relationships to provide a proposer and seconder in order to gain appropriate Membership. 


To be eligible for election as Overseas Members candidates must, at the time of their application for membership, declare that they are, or will be, resident outside the United Kingdom for not less than 11 months in any year. Overseas Members shall take no active part in the management of the Club, vote at meetings or share in the ownership of Club Property. Overseas Members, upon becoming permanently resident in the United Kingdom may, at the discretion of the General Committee, be elected to membership in any of the categories specified in this Rule and their Annual Subscription shall be adjusted accordingly.



The General Committee shall have power to elect to membership of the Club, groups or persons for such block subscriptions as the General Committee shall in its discretion think suitable in the particular circumstances of the case.  Such Members shall have the privileges of Full Members of the Club except that they shall not be entitled to vote at Meetings, take part in the management of the Club, or share in the ownership of the Club property.



Affiliate Members shall enjoy the same rights and privileges and subject to the same conditions as Full Members but they shall have no voice nor be allowed to take part in the administration of the Club, nor share in the ownership of the Club property.  To be eligible for election as Affiliate Members candidates shall be under the age of 35 years.



Honorary Members may be elected by the General Committee for such period of time as they (the Committee) shall decide and shall upon election except, where otherwise provided by the rules, enjoy the same rights and privileges as Associate Members.



Students of courses run by the Club and Navigation School may be entitled to Temporary Membership during the duration of their course.  Temporary Members shall have no privileges except the use of the Club facilities.



Academy Members may enjoy the same rights and privileges and shall be subject to the same conditions as full members but they shall have no voice nor be allowed to take part in the administration of the Club, nor share in the ownership of the Club property.  To be eligible for election as Academy Members candidates shall be between the ages of 16 and 25 years.



(a)            A Member of any club recognised by the Royal Yachting Association may be authorised to use the premises of the Club; such authorisation shall specify between which dates, not being more than 14 days apart, the said person may so use the premises and should enter his or her details in the Visitors’ Book

(b)            Any person who is a competitor in any race sponsored by or on behalf of the Club or in a race starting from or ending at Ramsgate and any person who is a member of the crew of such competitors for the purpose of the race is entitled to the use of the Club premises on the day of the race in which he is competing.

(c)            The Secretary or any other person who has received the authority of two members of the General Committee may expel temporarily or permanently any person who has   the use of the Club premises only under Rule 7.13 (a) and (b) hereof.


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