Flag Officers:

Andrew Beaumont Hope - Commodore

Andy Beaumont Hope

Officers, General Committee & Sub Committees

The Royal Temple Yacht Club is managed by its Flag Officers, General Committee and it's Trustees.

The club has sub committees for Sailing, Cruising, Ramsgate Week and Entertainments.

The Royal Temple Yacht Club is a fully accredited RYA Navigation School with a complete range of courses both theoretical and practical.


Richard Smith - Vice Commodore

Richard Smith

Sailing Committee - Matt Green (Chairman),

Cruising Committee - Stan Jacob (Chairman), Elizabeth Anderson, Derek Payne, Anne Peers, Tony Peers, Alan Lucas, Mark Andrews, Nigel Collingwood

Representative for the Harbour

Entertainments Committee

Matt Green - Rear Commodore Sail

Matt Green

Ramsgate Week Committee - Chairman: Richard Smith Vice Commodore, Paul Woodward ( Deputy Chairman), Matt Green, Ramsgate Harbour Master, Karen Cox,  Judy Pearson,  Andy Ketteringham, Elizabeth Anderson, Dave Parish, John Adkin, Stan Jacobs.

Elective Committee - Chairman - David Parish, Jim Boorman, Jo Brand & Judy Pearson.

Academy Committee - Chairman Nigel Collingwood, Terry Adams, Elizabeth Anderson, Jim Boorman, Michelle Stoneley, David Parish, John Adkin, Judy Pearson,Mark Andrews, Matt Green

Stan Jacob - Rear Commodore Cruisers

Stan Jacob

Finance Committee - Frank Martin

Insignia - Trevs Workwear Trevor Kenney 07792 828097 or email

Temple Bell - Sue Foster

Elizabeth Anderson - Honorary Secretary

Elizabeth Anderson

John Adkin - Honorary Treasurer

John Adkin

Judy Pearson - Honorary House Officer

Navigation School:

Richard Smith - Principal

Richard Smith

General Committee:

David Parish

David Parish

Karen Cox

Karen Cox

Andrew Ketteringham

Andrew Ketteringham

Stuart Carter

Stuart Carter

Anne Peers

Anne Peers

Non Executive Officers:

Frank Martin

Mike Brand

John Barrett