Classic Yachting Ramsgate

The Temple Yacht Club was founded in 1857. Forty years later in 1897 the Club achieved Royal Recognition and in 1898 was granted the Admiralty Charter for its member’s vessels to wear the Blue Ensign.  Had any of those early vessels survived today they would be greatly valued classic yachts.

Crossing the West bound shipping lane

Historic and Classical Past

Since its inception the Royal Temple Yacht Club has very much kept abreast of developments in yachting and now enjoys a National and indeed International Profile in the world of modern yacht racing.  As a Club we are mindful of our historic and classical past and we are proud to uphold traditional yachting standards. One of our vessels the historic Sheemaun (1935) has been awarded the accolade of National Historic Flagship UK 2010 and was invited to partake in the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Thames Pageant June 2012 proudly flying the RTYC burgee and which is now preserved and displayed at the Club.

Classic Yachts have always caught the public eye. In contemporary times, Classic Yachting events provide great opportunities to take part in historic maritime festivals in the UK and abroad. Crews generally dress in the period of their vessels, crowds of sightseers are made welcome and there is partying, traditional music and often there are Grand Parades of Sail.

The Royal Temple Yacht Club, the Commodore and Committee warmly welcome Classic and Historic Yachts together with their Skippers and Crews. So do Join with us, partake in our Club activities, become a part of Maritime History, enjoy maritime festivals in the UK and abroad, assist with charitable events and corporate hospitality and enjoy a link with National Historic Ships UK.

Dr Rodney Pell BSc Hons, MRCS,LRCP, MB,BS,FRCSI.

Associate, Royal Institution of Naval Architects