Guide to becoming a Member of the Royal Temple Yacht Club

Thank you for your interest in Membership of the Royal Temple Yacht Club.

Becoming a Member gives you access to all our facilities both on and off of the water. We believe we can provide something for everyone and our members enjoy some of the best views over the English Channel from our beautiful clubhouse.

We have sailing, cruising and social sections all with their own programmes throughout the year.

The process to become a member traditionally commences when existing Members of the Club propose and second your application. Each of these Members must have known you personally for at least twelve months, and must have been full Members of the Club for one or more years. When you submit your application you should ensure your proposer and seconder send their letter of support at the same time addressed to the Honorary Secretary.

Please download an Application Form here (Word Doc) or here for a PDF Doc

Commonly new prospective members are new to the area and have not had the opportunity to meet any existing Members? If you are in this situation you may apply for our ‘Probationary’ Membership category. You will still be required to complete the application form but will not need a proposer or seconder.

Probationary Membership is valid for up to one year. During this period of Probationary Membership we encourage you to get to know other members who will then support your Full Membership application.

Once you have submitted your applications and, for full Membership, your letters of support have been received, you will be invited in to meet two Flag Officers for an informal meeting. This meeting allows you to ask questions and for us to ensure that we have informed you of all our facilities. Following this meeting with the Flag Officers, your application is submitted to our General Committee for approval.

Royal Temple Yacht Club

1 October 2020 – 30 September 2021

Members can settle their subscription via a payment card at the bar or calling the club office (01843 591766)

FULL Aged 18+    £340.00

JOINT Both spouses and children below the age of 18    £400.00

NEW VETERAN (2006 Onwards)   £265.00
(Age 65 years+ at time of Membership = 80 years)

JOINT NEW VETERAN (2006 Onwards)    £318.00
One partner to comply

ASSOCIATE (residing outside Kent and boat berthed outside of Kent)


OVERSEAS    £195.00

AFFILIATE under 25     £125.00

Academy Applicants (AGE 16 – 25 WHILST IN FULL TIME EDUCATION)    £20.00

PROBATIONARY (One year maximum)   340.00
Please note that for Probationary membership Identification required with application

JOINING FEE   £140.00

GOLD BAR DISCOUNT CARD first time credit (each member)   £50.00